Listed below are the terms and conditions of the Cajun Cooking Club. Please follow the regulations below and ENJOY the game!



  1. UL has a clear bag policy for all sports - info can be found on the website at

  2. NO RE-ENTRY POLICY is enforced at all UL athletic events.

  3. Patio boxes will hold only 6 people - no additional chairs can be brought in - no extra people standing in boxes.

  4. Only tickets to patio boxes will be allowed in the box area - there will be game day staff to ensure this is enforced

  5. The CCC will provide and prepare food for the team(s) with dates determined by mutual agreement with the UL head coach and the designated CCC member.

  6. CCC members must have a UL game ticket to enter the stadium and must enter the stadium through the front/side entrances.

  7. An "Internal Approval for Gifts Other Than Money to the University of Louisiana at Lafayette" form (In-Kind Donation form) must be completed by the CCC and submitted to the Assistant Athletic Director for Compliance for approval prior to the first game of the season.

  8. A beverage stand will be set up in the CCC area and a bartender will be provided to serve 16oz beer at a cost of $4.00 per beer provided by Sodexo to CCC members with proper identification (license and club badge).

  9. Serving will begin when gates open but no earlier than noon. For single games, alcohol will not be served after the 7th inning or 9:00pm, whichever occurs first. For double headers, alcohol will not be served after the 7th inning in the second game or 9:00pm whichever occurs first.

  10. There will be no serving of alcohol to minors (under age of 21). This will be strictly enforced.

  11. No alcohol, soft drinks or snack foods may be brought into Russo Park. Only food items to be cooked and condiments are allowed in the stadium. These items must be brought in no later than 30 minutes before UL game time through the 1st base side gate unless otherwise approved through the Athletic Department..

  12. Bags and ice chests (for food items only) will be searched at the gate. Only a reasonable amount of supplies may be brought in for a game.

  13. CCC will monitor the use of the area in cooperation with the Event Management staff. No cooking is allowed in private boxes.

  14. Profanity is prohibited at all times. Profanity, racial or sexist comments or other intimidating actions directed at umpires, student-athletes, coaches, team representatives, fans, or event management will not be tolerated and are grounds for removal from the stadium.

  15. No alcohol or food may be served to anyone other than CCC members.

  16. The University and/or the caterer reserves the right to refuse the serving of alcohol to anyone

  17. The Athletic Department reserves the right to use the cooking club area for events during the baseball season. Use of the area will be coordinated and scheduled by the Athletic Department. CCC will be notified at least one week in advance.

  18. Failure to follow University, Sun Belt Conference and NCAA rules and regulations, and the terms and conditions of this agreement will result in the immediate cancellation of this agreement.

  19. This agreement shall be for the 2018 season and shall end on completion of the last regular season game. CCC shall be given first consideration to renew this agreement for the 2019 season if all terms and conditions of this agreement are met.

  20. Abuse of any of the above may result in cancellation of privileges to an individual or the CCC