About the Cajun Cooking Club

The Cajun Cooking Club (CCC) is part of the ambience at M.L. "Tigue" Moore Field at Russo Park. Our goal is to enhance the baseball experience and assist UL's Baseball program financially as well as contribute to the overall image.

These are some of the examples of how we accomplish our goals:

  1. We provide a meal for the UL Baseball Team after every home game.
  2. Offer meals for visiting teams on night games (it is very difficult for a team to find a place to eat at 10pm for 35 people.)
  3. Assist in demonstrating the hospitality of our area.
  4. Provide steak and beans dinner after the Fall World Series.
  5. Provide Christmas Dinner for the team's celebration.
  6. Provide meals for faculty day, parent's day and senior day.
  7. Assist with the Baseball Annual Golf Tournament
  8. Contribute a monetary donation following the season.

The membership fee assessed provides the cost of feeding the baseball team from the actual food to the essentials needed to facilitate each meal. Your contribution as a member is tax deductible and also provides you with the opportunity to acquire beverages within our area at a discounted cost and to bring food you would like cooked on the pit provided.

We are an organization committed to bettering our baseball program while at the same time making the experience of being at a ballgame much more enjoyable. If you are considering being a part of our organization, please go to the membership section of this website. Membership is limited, so make sure and take advantage of this opportunity while it is available.